EVOSS® Octagon Cells Air Cushion

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Pressure sores occur after long hours of sitting, resulting in the accumulation of pressure that restricts blood flow which is important in supplying oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. When it happens, the skin breaks down and ulcers form.  
EVOSS® is made up of a number of air cells in grid combination which evenly distributes pressure. This helps decrease undue force on the body thus preventing pressure sores.
EVOSS® is made of a special elastomer with great tensile strength.
The machine-washable and breathable 100% cotton top sheet provides excellent ventilation and ease of cleaning.
Product Features
  • EVOSS® guarantees a long–lifetime due to its specialized human skin-friendly materials.
  • Unlike tetragonal shaped cushion, EVOSS® unique octagonal shape implements an untouched experience.
  • EVOSS® exerts anti-bacterial effects over sweat or urine by a special finishing process.
  • Thanks to the AI structural engineering system, EVOSS® ensures a comfortable experience over a long time of usage.


Models currently available:

Cell Type Dimension (W x L x H)
  Octagon   41*41*8 cm (16*16*3 in)
  Octagon   46*41*8 cm (18*16*3 in)