Ergofoam Pressure Relief Coccyx Wheelchair Cushion

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The Ergofoam Pressure Relief Cushion is a good quality cushion which provides proper comfortable seating for the user.

The ventilated holes help to make the cushion not so warm.

The cut out hole at the back helps relieve pressure on the coccyz (tailbone).

The breathable cover helps to dispel heat and can be washed.

The non slip base helps cushion to stay in place.

Available in 2 different firmness: 

  • Comfort (Blue) - Softer, for lightweight users
  • Firm (Black) - Firmer, for heavier users



- For pressure sore prevention and to enable a good sitting posture

- Helps reduce the pain from hemorrhoids, pregnancy back pain, sciatica, hips and other lower back problem

- Helps relieves pressure from the coccyx (for users who complains about tailbone pain)



  • Size: 42 cm (width) x 42 cm (depth) x 8 cm (height)

  • Weight: 0.9 kg (Comfort) and 1.5 kg (Firm)

  • Weight capacity: 100 kg