ErgoGel / ErgoGel Plus Pressure Relief Wheelchair Gel Cushion

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  • Innovative patented diamond shaped air cell technology evenly distributes body weight to relieve pressure on coccyx, lower back and perineum
  • Patented non-liquid gel seat cushion is durable due to its high resilience, high strength and flexibility nature
  • Open cell column structure design dissipates heat well
  • Removable seat cover and gel seat is washable
  • Suitable for wheelchairs, chairs, couches, sofas, recliners and beds
  • New variant: ErgoGel Plus (purple) comes in a contoured butterfly-shaped structure with enhanced pressure relief off the coccyx

Pressure Mapping Before and After Used
Pressure Mapping before and after used
 High pressure observed in red area before use of seat cushion
After: The seat cushion effectively reduces and dissipates pressure while providing maximum weight distribution and stability which helps prevent sores and ulcers

Cautions: Do not wash seat cushion foam/gel in washing machine. Do not use strong cleaning agent to clean the seat cover. Do not poke the seat with sharp objects

Washing Instruction:
• Remove the seat cover and hand wash it using mild detergent with cold water (normal temperature 30°C or less)
• Do not squeeze the seat cover. Allow it to dry naturally by laying on flat surface



Ergogel Cushion

  • Size: 42 cm (width) x 38 cm (depth) x 3.2 cm (height)

  • Weight: 1.73 kg

  • Weight capacity: 100 kg

Ergogel Plus Cushion

  • Size: 45 cm (width) x 40 cm (depth) x 3 - 4.5 cm (height)

  • Weight: 1.73 kg

  • Weight capacity: 120 kg