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This mini ramp has superb performance for stability and maintenance to help in getting rid of the inconvenience caused by steps. You can use both indoors and outdoors to fit your needs. A wide range of sizes are available from 1cm to 6cm in height to create a barrier-free environment

These mini ramps are extremely useful for commodes or wheelchairs to overcome kerbs.

Normally used for going into toilets or from living room into kitchen.

Available in the following standard sizes:

  • 1 cm    (H) x 76 cm (L) x 4 cm (B)
  • 1.5 cm (H) x 76 cm (L) x 6 cm (B)
  • 2 cm    (H) x 76 cm (L) x 8 cm (B)
  • 2.5 cm (H) x 76 cm (L) x 10 cm (B)
  • 3 cm    (H) x 76 cm (L) x 12 cm (B)
  • 3.5 cm (H) x 76 cm (L) x 14 cm (B)
  • 4 cm    (H) x 76 cm (L) x 16 cm (B)
  • 4.5cm  (H) x 76cm  (L) x 18cm (B)
  • 5 cm    (H) x 76 cm (L) x 20 cm (B)
  • 5.5 cm (H) x 76 cm (L) x 20 cm (B)
  • 6 cm    (H) x 76 cm (L) x 20 cm (B)


How to select an appropriate ramp:

1) Simply measure your existing height of the kerb ( from ground upwards to just below the curved bend at the top ).

2) Measure the width of the doorway to see whether it can accommdate the ramp's width.

3) Take note of the length of the ramp to see how much landing space is available for the commode / wheelchair after ramp is placed against the kerb.

4) Select the most suitable size, or contact us at 9155 7142 for more customised solutions.