Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair

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The Lightweight Reclining Wheelchair is a very wholesome reclining wheelchair that allows user to get into a lying postion when preferred. This eliminates the need for the caregiver to constantly transfer the user to and from the bed, thus minimising user's discomfort and makes caregiving easier.

The reclining angle can be easily set at any position to the user's comfort, unlike some models where there are only preset angles. This helps prevent pressure sores too.

Elevating footrests allows user's legs to be raised to a comfortable position.

The U shape head support cushion helps prevents user's head from rolling sideways.

The removable armrests allows easier transfer into the wheelchair.

The removable water resistant PVC upholstery can be taken out for cleaning. 

Attendant brakes allows caregiver to slow down wheelchair when on slope.

Puncture proof tyres are maintenance free.

Rear anti tippers increases safety by preventing wheelchair from toppling backwards.


  • Calf Pads
  • Seat Belts
  • Anti-Tippers
  • PVC Upholstery
  • Attendant Brakes
  • Solid Front Wheels
  • Grooved Hand Rims
  • Detachable Leg Rests
  • Protective Side Panels
  • Removable Seat Cover
  • Removable Backrest Cover
  • Height Adjustable Footrests
  • Height Adjustable Head Rest
  • Detachable Height Adjustable Armrests
  • User Brakes With Replaceable Brake Pads


Seat Width 17" (43cm)
Seat Depth 18" (46cm)
Seat Height 9½" (50cm)
Backrest Height
(From Seat)
32" (81cm)
Distance between
19¼" (49cm)
Overall Width 27½" (70cm)
Overall Height 50¾" (129cm)
Overall Length  47" (119cm)
*Legrest Elevated 50" (127cm)
*Reclined 70" (178cm)
Net Weight 23kg
Weight Capacity 100kg
Front Wheel Size 7"
Rear Wheel Size 22" x 1⅜" Solid Tyres, Spokes Rim
Frame Material Aluminium
Anti-Tipper Yes