Nestle Boost Isocal Liquid 200ml (Carton of 24) [EXP: MAY'24]

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BOOST Isocal 200ml is a complete liquid diet formulated to provide a well-balanced nutrition. May be used as sole source of nutrition or oral supplement.

It is sucrose- and lactose-free with a pleasant vanilla taste. Contains MCT oil, a component of the fat source that is easily digestible and well-absorbed.

The new BOOST Isocal is maintaining its key benefit of a formula designed for tolerance by retaining a low osmolality of 330mOsm/kg. It will also maintain the existing formula calorie density of 1kcal/ml.

In comparison with the existing formula, the nutritional profile of the new BOOST Isocal has improved with the following adjustments :
 8% increase in protein
 22% reduction in sugar
 Lower sodium, potassium and phosphorus content